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Sunday 18 October 2015

Temptation and Sublimation

In the last several months, I've been looking more and more at playing Horus Heresy. Several friends of mine have gotten into it and have said how much they enjoy it. Whenever I start to get tempted by a game like this, I start looking around for more information on it, ostensibly so I can make an informed decision, but with the handy side-effect of scratching the itch a bit without requiring a lot of expenditure. The unfortunate consequence of this approach is I end up thinking more about the game, which can then spiral into buying a bunch of stuff. That's not always the case, reading up on Warmahordes put me off that system, but it does often happen.

There are a couple of problems with diving head first into the Heresy for me though. The first is that I naturally baulk at spending the kind of money that is required for a full Forge World army. I know that I could use cheaper models from GW or a 3rd party company, but I'm not keen on that sort of compromise. Part of my reasoning when getting back into the hobby was that I could now afford to buy the things I wanted and I don't have to compromise as I did when I was a kid. That does kind of contradict what I said about not wanting to spend money, but the way I compensate for being able to buy pretty much whatever I want is to try to focus on only one thing at a time. When I was a kid I would have happily collected twenty armies at once but I couldn't afford it. Now I'm an adult and I can afford it, I (in theory) possess the willpower to pick one army and stick with it, thereby avoiding spending huge sums of money on things that are only going to sit unused in boxes for the rest of time. This brings me to the second problem with starting Horus Heresy, which is that I still have plenty of Orks to build and paint. I should be concentrating on them, not buying an expensive new army.

I decided that I would try to direct my attention elsewhere, to something that would be less expensive and require less time than a full Heresy army. I looked around at various other systems (which is why I was looking at Warmahordes), and I got caught on Infinity. I've looked at it before and thought it looked cool, this time I dug a bit deeper into the game. I like that they make the rules and unit profiles available for free online, I also like the idea that even when it's not your turn you get to play due to automatic reaction orders. The hard sci-fi/anime setting really works for me as well, and the low model count is a major plus given the speed of my painting and the fact that I'm already committed to an Ork army that naturally comes with a high number of minis. Personally, I like to read about the background before I get into a game, particularly when it comes to choosing an army to play. In that sense, the set-up that Corvus Belli have for Infinity of giving the rules away but putting the background in the book you have to pay for worked really well (for them), as I had enough free reading material to get me interested, but I had a clear reason and desire to buy the book. I picked up the rulebook and core book set and spent a few pleasant evenings reading through it. I'm intending to play Aleph, but I haven't bought anything beyond the main books yet. While I was in the prevaricating phase of “I really like the look of this” but “should I really start a new game and army and everything that goes with it”, Corvus Belli announced the new version of the Human Sphere book would be out in December. That will have a bunch more background information, particularly on Aleph, so I was able to put any further purchases off until then (although I do keep looking at the Operation Icestorm box).

All of which satisfied my urge to start buying a new army, with a minimum of expenditure. I was very pleased with how the whole thing had worked out. Unfortunately, then a friend of mine decided to sell up his Horus Heresy stuff, so I ended up buying his Crusade Army list and Isstvan campaign legions red books. It was really a moral decision, I was helping by buying them and my desires didn't come into it one way or the other ;) Horus Heresy and Infinity books

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Review: The Damnation of Pythos

I'll try to keep the part of this post on the main page spoiler free, click through for the full post but be warned.

Overall, I was not hugely impressed with this book. I have to admit the main reason I bought it is that it's part of the Horus Heresy series and I'm pretty heavily committed to them at this point. It felt like they wanted to make sure the Pandorax campaign was fully embedded in the background, so decided they would tie it in to the Heresy. As a result, I was left with the feeling that it was a bit of a cheap cash-in. The story itself isn't bad, but it isn't stellar either. If you're particularly into the Horus Heresy series (or Pandorax campaign I suppose), then this book has a place in your collection. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.

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