If you've been paying really close attention, it might have occurred to you that the list of models I painted for the Warhammer World challenge, along with what I had painted beforehand, did not add up to 1000 points. Way back when I started this blog, I wrote about the test model I'd painted for the army and the unpainted models. There was one model that went unmentioned, which accounts for the missing points.

 I was away for a few days when I managed to secure NewJob™, and as a present (and quiet hint to get on with painting my Orks) LoF bought, assembled and painted a Dakkajet. She maintains that it's not quite finished, but I think it's pretty impressive for the work of just a couple of days. Obviously, it wasn't included in the unpainted models, but I couldn't claim it as my own work either. I've had a couple of opportunities to use it in games and the amount of fire-power it carries really packs a punch.