My time ran out for the Challenge on Friday. I'll do a write-up of the trip in another post, for now I just want to talk about the painting. As I expected, I was nowhere near finishing both the Lootas and the Warbikers in time. I did manage to get both squads done to a basic tabletop standard, there's the odd spot where the undercoat is still showing, but nothing excessive. Both squads have several different colours on them, and they clearly fit in with the rest of the army, even if the lack of layers and highlights means they don't 'pop' as well as the other models.

Admitting I wasn't going to get everything finished had an odd dual effect. On the one hand, I didn't drive myself mad trying to paint models far faster than I could manage. On the other, once I'd realised I wasn't going to get them done I lost a lot of motivation to keep working on them. There were a few days last week when I only did a bit of painting and I have to admit that as it got to Thursday and Friday I was getting a bit sick of the whole thing. I did have a back-up plan to paint a Big Mek with Kustom Force Field and Nob with Waaagh Banner instead of the Lootas and Warbikers if I ran low on time, as they'd be roughly the same points for far fewer models. I was cursing myself for not choosing that option when I was still fighting to get the base layers done on Friday evening.

 From here, I'm going to finish off the two squads, although I'll do them one at a time as I have been previously. I'm having a break first though, and I imagine I'll be working on them a bit more slowly than I have been recently. Once I've managed that, I'll finally have 1000 points of fully painted Orks. I'm hoping that I can get through the second 1000 points a bit faster than the first.