After two weeks of heavy painting, I've finished the squad of Nobz. Once again I got over-enthusiastic and I've spent the last week telling myself they'll be done in the next couple of days. I would like to say that I'm really pleased with how they came out, but I ended up having a bit of an issue in the final stages that took the shine off them for me.

When I was assembling the squad for undercoating, I stuck the arms and weapon on to one of the models. Once I'd done that, I looked at it and realised it was going to make it very difficult to paint the part of the torso behind the weapon. All the Nobz I've painted up to this point have had a power klaw and a slugga so they haven't had this problem, but this squad is armed with big choppas and kombi-skorchas, which are wielded two-handed. I left the arms off the other four models, so that I could paint their torsos properly. I did all the painting, carefully keeping the various arms with the appropriate models, and I was really pleased with how they had come out. Once I'd finished I went to glue the arms to the models. I could only get the arms to fit properly on one of the four models, and in the process I managed to spread glue around the join (and in one case across the figure's shoulders), ruining the paint job in the process. After all the hard work I'd put in, I was quite upset at this point. In the end I had to fit the arms on as best I could, which for one of them meant prising the model's head off. After that I filled the various gaps with greenstuff and did some quick repair work on the paint. The overall look of the squad is quite good, but there are some nasty flaws if you know where to look (which of course I do so that's all I can see).

I tried a couple of new methods with the painting on these models. I added a green glaze to the skin once all the highlighting was done, and I like the effect it has given me. The skin is just slightly darker than it was, and the highlights are not quite as harsh. The material wrapped around the weapon hafts has been painted yellow, where previously I would have used brown. As I was working on the squad I realised I didn't have much yellow on them, so I decided to put some on the weapons. I wanted it to look dirtier than the yellow I usually use, to show that the weapon hafts are regularly handled and not regularly cleaned. I gave them one base coat of Averland Sunset, where I usually use two, and then a wash with Agrax Earthshade and highlight with Yriel Yellow. I like how it has worked, it's very much what I was aiming for.

Next I'm going to do the Trukk for this squad. I was considering putting it off after doing the last one, but now I think I'd rather have the squad and transport complete before I move on to the next unit.