I finished the Trukk for the third squad last night. As I predicted, there was no way I was going to get the whole thing done last weekend. I was fighting for motivation to get through this model, it became something of a slog. I did manage to keep going though, and it has come up well in the end. Now that the third squad has their transport, I can field a rather small but fully mounted Ork Horde detachment.

It took over a week to get the whole model done, which was longer than I wanted and means I need to get a move on with the rest of the painting. Next on the list is a squad of five Nobz. Hopefully batch painting will mean that I can get them done rather faster than the one week per model rate I managed when painting the Nob for Squad Three. After the Nobz, I had intended to paint another Trukk so they'd have a transport as well. Given how much of a fight the one I've just finished (especially for only 30 points worth of model), I'm seriously considering putting it off until I've done some other models first. I'll see how I feel once the Nobz are finished.