After several days of good hobby progress, I've finished the Nob for the third squad of Boyz. He's come up well, and I was pleased that I didn't slack off or lose momentum. I did however pay something of a price for all this painting, by the time I finished the model last night one of the muscles in my back was killing me. I think I've been hunching forward as I work on the model and because I was sat in the same position for a long time and several days in a row something was bound to complain eventually. I'm going to have to work on my posture while I paint, as I can't really afford to slack off the pace to get everything painted in time for October.

Next up is the Trukk for the third Boyz squad. I'm hoping to make a lot of progress over the weekend, provided I don't cripple myself in the process. I'd like to say I'll get the whole thing done, but I think that may be a bit overly optimistic.