After a heavy week of painting (by my standards at least), I've finished the third squad of Boyz. It started well, I was making progress and feeling good about the whole thing. Then I started to get a bit carried away and thought to myself “If I just make a big push tomorrow I can have them finished”. I ended up telling myself that every day from Monday through until Thursday, and I finally got them completed on Friday.

The painting has come out well, they're an improvement over the second squad, although not as much of an improvement over them as they were over the first squad. I used a layer of Evil Sunz Scarlet on top of the Mephiston Red to give the brighter red colour. That added a fair bit of extra work to painting the whole squad. I also used more Underhive Ash than I have previously as a final highlight on the skin. The effect worked well, I'll continue to add that, although that will also mean more work to get models done. I really hope that somewhere along the line improving my painting includes reducing the amount of time each bit takes. I have a nasty feeling that is the kind of skill that only comes with lots of hard work and practice though.

Next up is a Nob to go with this squad. It's only one model, so I'm going to try to get it knocked out quite quickly. Looking back, it seems I can get them done without taking too long, provided I sit down and get on with it.