LoF's 30th birthday is coming up in a couple of months and we've decided to take a trip up to Warhammer World to celebrate. The plan is that we will each take a 1000 point army and play a game or two on the tables there. We're both using this as a way to push ourselves to get models finished, she's working on her Exodites and I'm (of course) doing my Orks. This means I've got a serious amount of work to do, especially as it has taken me a year to get 400 points worth painted so far.

I've planned out a 1000 point list so that I know how much I've got to get done. On top of what I've already got done, I need to paint:

  • The third Boyz squad, including Nob and Trukk
  • A 5 model Nobz squad, with Trukk
  • 3 Warbikers
  • 5 Lootas

Fortunately, I already own all the models for this list, except for the Trukk for the Nobz squad. Getting all of these painted in the next two months will be a major increase in my previous rate of painting, I'm trying for this goal as a bit of a sink or swim approach. I've been barely getting any painting done for months, and I've previously found that having a game to aim for has been a good way of making sure I get models painted. The problem with using games as hard deadlines, and the reason I've avoided it so far with my Orks, is that I tend to end up compromising on the quality of the painting in order to get everything done to a bare minimum standard. Given that a major part of working on my Orks is trying to improve my painting, I don't want to end up just throwing paint at models just so I've got something to put on the table.

I'm trying to make sure that I get everything I want painted in time and to a decent standard. I've been working on the third Boyz squad over the last couple of days, and I've been making good progress. I've taken a leaf out of a friend's book and booked the next week off work, and I plan to spend a good amount of it hobbying. I'm also going to try to get some more blog posts up, you may have noticed I've been working on that recently too.