Full_CAD.JPGNow that I've finished the Warboss, I've finally got a fully painted set of the bare minimum requirement for a combined arms detachment. Including the Mek means it's actually just slightly more than the bare minimum, but as he doesn't take a force org slot it's not a big difference. It also nicely fills the transport capacity of the two Trukks, so all of my Speed Freeks have a way to get around :)

Adding up the whole list, including gear that's clearly on the model (e.g. Power Klaws), but nothing else, it comes to 400 points worth of army. That feels quite low given the amount of time its taken to get this far. The majority of the painting has been Boyz though, which give a low return in terms of points per model painted. As I move on to other units the points should begin to tot up a bit faster. Of course, there's also the eternal hope that I'll manage to get into a good painting rhythm and start getting units done that much faster. Lining the whole army up to take the picture for this post did show me that my painting has definitely improved as I've been going, the second squad of Boyz (on the right of the picture as you look at it) is a definite improvement on the first (on the left).

My intention with this army is to try to be as Orky as possible, so I want to run the Ork detachments where possible. The next bit of painting will be another Boyz squad, so that I've got the bare minimum for the Ork Horde detachment. After that, I'll finally have a bit of a change and go for a Nobz squad, to meet the requirements for the Great Waaagh! Detachment. Once those are done (however long that may take me), I'll start in on some of the Fast Attack and Heavy Support choices.