After a very long break, I've finally got enough time and motivation together to get some painting done. I actually started work on the Warboss in March, then there was a month long break before I picked it up again in April. I managed a few sessions in April, before I ended up having another break for a couple of weeks and then getting the rest of it done over the last week or two. My original intention while painting this model was to keep track of how long I spent doing each part and see how long it took me to get the model done. That fell off after the start, but I've got enough to at least make an estimate. I think it took me 12 to 15 hours to get this one model done. I think that's fair enough for a character, although I'd prefer not to take that long on normal rank-and-file guys. I'm not sure where I can reduce the amount of time taken and still get results I'm happy with though.

I'm very happy with how this model came out. The red highlighting I started using on the Mek worked very well once again. I decided to try a couple of things I hadn't attempted before while I was painting the Warboss, as he is an important character. I was inspired by the article on basing in White Dwarf 56, so I added a few rocks and some static grass to his base. I did those before I put the textured paint on, which meant I lost some of the grass in the paint, but there's still plenty left. I also painted the edge of the base with Eshin Grey to try to get it looking a bit darker than the rest. That didn't come out quite as strongly as I hoped, but I may try mixing a darker colour for future efforts. I tried some of the Blood for the Blood God technical paint on the power klaw, which gave a good effect, but I think will take some more practice until I'm really happy with it.