After several delays, I've finally finished the second trukk. It ended up taking longer than I wanted, for various reasons, particularly double XP on Star Wars. I'm pleased with the final result, it's come out largely how I intended. Like last time I had some trouble assembling the model, particularly getting the driver to fit in the space between the cab and the rear wall. I managed to squeeze him in eventually, but I'll try to remember to plan it more carefully for the next one.

I'm away for work for the next few days so I won't be getting any hobbying done until I get back. Next on my list is the Assault on Black Reach Warboss. I've got the two troop units painted, so adding a HQ model gives me a (very minimal) combined arms detachment. I suppose I could use the Mek and say I'm already there, but somehow it doesn't feel like a proper Ork army to me without a Warboss.