Well it took me two days over the deadline, but I've finally finished the Nob for the second squad of Boyz. I was really annoyed with myself, as I ended up putting the painting off all of last week, resulting in a desperate rush on Sunday night. Once I admitted it wasn't going to get done then, I had hoped to finish him off on Monday, but I had to admit that with the highlighting left to do at the end of the evening it would have to wait. I'm glad I took the time to do him properly, as there is a temptation to skimp on the painting effort just so I can declare something finished. The model has come out quite well, although I haven't really tried any new techniques with this one. The photo isn't very good though, I was in a rush and had to choose between one that looked very washed out from the flash or one that was too dark and a bit yellow from not using the flash.

This week I'll start work on the Trukk for the Boyz squad. Last time it took me just over two weeks to do one of these, so hopefully this time I can manage it a bit faster. I aim to have the model completed by next Sunday, so I've got a week and a half.