They ended up taking a lot longer than I originally intended, but I have finally finished the second unit of Boyz. I have to admit I'm pleased with the result. I'd rather they take longer and get done well than rush them and do a sloppy job. I know what would happen in that situation, I'd tell myself I would go back later and fix them, but somehow I would never get round to it. Of course, I hope that my painting will continue to improve and in the future I'll look back at these models and be embarrassed by them, but for now I'm happy with them. It was a good feeling as I was getting towards the end, I had the models out on the side as I was working on them and every time I looked over I had the feeling that they were coming out as I'd wanted.

Of course, finishing this squad brings a slight problem in that I had nothing else to paint. I'm still in temporary accommodation (although that should be solved in a couple of weeks) and I don't have all my other unpainted models or most of my hobby tools. I didn't want to take a week off for fear of losing my hobby momentum again, so I went out today and picked up a Mek from GW, along with a cheap knife and some glue elsewhere. I would have bought a Trukk for this squad, but I have to do the undercoating by hand so it made sense to get something reasonably small. I chose the Mek because it'll fit nicely into my army and it gives me a chance to get some more practice painting characters before I try any of the really pretty models like the new Painboy or the Forge World Warboss on warbike (not that the Mek isn't a nice model, but the other two are very pretty). I'm also going to use him as an opportunity to try out a couple of painting ideas I had while working on the Boyz.