As promised, here are the results of using a shade or glaze after highlighting red. I've shown the rear-view as it gives the clearest comparison of red areas. All three models use a base layer of Mephiston red. The left-hand model (with the sword) was highlighted with Wild Rider red, then the Bloodletter glaze over the top. The middle model (axe) was highlighted with Evil Sunz scarlet and glazed with Bloodletter. The right-hand one (chainsword) was highlighted with Evil Sunz scarlet and shaded with Baal red. I didn't try using Wild Rider red with a Baal red shade as I've done it before and found the highlight to be too orange. I was hoping that the glaze would tone down the colour of Wild Rider red, but still give a stronger effect than Evil Sunz scarlet. It doesn't seem to have worked as well as I had hoped though, I still think the Wild Rider red highlight has a touch of high-vis jacket to it. The glaze has certainly softened the Evil Sunz scarlet highlight, it's significantly gentler than the shaded model. I think in this case as well the highlight then shade remains the best approach. The glaze doesn't tone down the Wild Rider red highlight enough, and it takes too much out of the Evil Sunz scarlet.