I've carried on working on the skin highlights on this squad. I finished off the layer of Warboss Green and moved on to the Skarsnik Green highlighting. I got it done on 6 of them (the front row), then I saw what the time was and decided the others would have to wait. Once I've done the remaining 4, I'm planning to use Underhive Ash as a final highlight, then I can move on to the blue areas.

I realised it's not really a big issue that these models are progressing very slowly. I'm staying in temporary accommodation (hence the picture quality) and they're the only ones I have with me. If I finished them, I'd have nothing left to work on and experience shows that losing momentum can really spoil my progress. I could always go and buy something else, but I'm trying to reduce the unpainted pile rather than increase it and I'd have to get clippers, glue, and undercoat as well, which seems a bit excessive. If all goes well, I'll be moving somewhere more permanent this coming weekend and the problem will be solved.