Yellow_shade_only_small.jpgI decided I would experiment with a technique for painting yellow from the How to Paint guide. It suggests a base paint of white over the black undercoat, then a yellow shade on top of that. The idea is that it produces a decent looking yellow without needing loads of layers or even any additional shading or highlighting. I went in to my local GW to pick up Casandora Yellow to try this and, as I was looking for the paint, I got talking to one of the staff. I told him what I wanted the paint for and he recommended using a yellow glaze over the white before the shade. I figured it was worth a try, so I picked up the glaze as well.

Yellow_glaze_and_shade_small.jpgThe first (upper) picture shows the results using only the shade, the second shows the glaze followed by the shade. It certainly looks to me like the glaze has improved the yellow. I admit, at first glance I wasn't overly impressed with the results, I think I was secretly hoping for an amazing technique that would solve all yellow painting problems forever. It's definitely an improvement though, and I plan to try this method out on at least a few more models and on some larger areas as well.