I got the Nob painted up for the Boyz squad, I did three blog posts, and I have done some repair work on my Daemons. It's not an unqualified success though, as there's still more Daemons in need of work. Unfortunately the models and the bits that fell off them during the move got separated, so I can't finish the repairs until I get the bits on Friday. Also I'm out of super-glue, so there are a couple of metal models that still need work. One of the blog posts was very short (and a crime against literature), but another was, I believe, the longest to date (but also a crime against literature) so they kind of even out.

I am very pleased with how the Nob turned out though. I experimented with doing the skin base coat with Waaagh! Flesh in place of the Snot Green I have used previously. I use a lot more Warboss Green this way as it basically went everywhere that wasn't a recess instead of just highlights. Skarsnik Green then becomes the highlight, where before it was for the highlights of the highlights. I really liked how it turned out, it seems to provide significantly more definition than my previous approach.

I haven't set a goal for this week yet. I want to move on to painting the next Boyz squad, but I'm reluctant to commit to that until I've worked out what I taking to the Haven event. I need to work out how many 500 point blocks I can make from the Daemons I have available and decide if I want to do a rush job to build and paint anything extra. I'm going to have that decided by the end of tomorrow, so I'll have a better idea then. I will however commit to making at least one non-hobby progress post this week. I want to try to get some more content up here and I have a couple of ideas for some different posts.