I finished off the remaining bits of painting on the squad today and I'm now willing to call them done. I went for quite a gentle pace today, as I spent quite a lot of yesterday painting and I knew there was only so much left to be done. It's a shame I didn't get them finished yesterday, but I've only got myself to blame. All the work I did this week was done in the last three days. If I'd started in on it earlier I would have managed to get everything done in time. My excuse, such as it is, is that last Thursday was spent catching up to the previous week's goal, and then on Friday I got some bad news about NewJob™ (the paperwork will take at least two more months). That rather spoiled my mood, so I spent the weekend being thoroughly unproductive. On Monday the news improved to the paperwork taking 1-2 months, with a possibility of being done sooner. That meant, however, that Monday was spent on paperwork. I finally got going on Tuesday and really hit my stride on Wednesday.

I'm pleased to have the whole squad done. They may not be painted to a high standard in objective terms, but they're a big step forward for me. It did take me four weeks to paint nine models though, which is painfully slow. There's plenty of room to improve both how often I paint and how long I spend doing it each time. I think (and hope) that it'll become easier with practice, the more often I sit down and get on with it, the easier it'll be to do it the next time.

I haven't set a goal for this week yet. I've got a couple of ideas, but I need to go to my local games store and pick some stuff up. I'll be doing that tomorrow and I'll put a post up once I've got the supplies.