Well, one week later and I have managed to get some painting done. 9 Boyz with eyes, teeth, skin, and blue clothing painted. These are just the first layers, I haven't gotten as far as shading or highlighting. The teeth have two layers of paint, everything else just the one. I didn't get very good coverage with the skin colour, as I go on I keep seeing patches that haven't got a good, even layer of paint. I'll have to clean them up as I keep going.

I have to admit I had hoped to make more progress than I have. I deliberately didn't promise that I would get the squad done in one week, as I doubted I would get that far and I think I've been proved right on that. My goal, such as it was, was to get some painting done and to test out how well making public commitments got me to work on my painting. I certainly managed to get some painting done, and significantly more than I'd done recently, so that was a success. I also felt a degree of pressure to have something done as I'd said on the blog that I would, so I feel that also worked well. I think I let myself down a bit by not doing as much painting as I could have. I tend to find it difficult to sit and paint for hours at a time, I'm hoping that will come with practice, so I have to aim for little and often. There were 3 days in the past week when I didn't do any painting at all though, so there's clearly room for improvement. This week's goal therefore is to do some painting every day, even if it's just a little.