This went up for pre-order last night. Given that I play Orks and my girlfriend plays Space Wolves, it was a pretty easy decision to pick it up. The promise of an A5 rulebook also didn't hurt. I'm not sure how I'll fit the models into my army, I can always use the Nobs to lead the Assault on Black Reach Boyz I picked up from Ebay, but the Gretchin are less straightforward. They do make for a very cheap Troops unit, and can be handy to sit on backfield objectives. That's less of an issue with everything scoring in 7th though. I'm not sure how I'll use the Kans, I think they'll require some experimentation. A Warboss with Power Klaw and Attack Squig is nice, especially as I'm not much of a converter. That will put me up to 4 different Warboss models. I guess I should try to make sure at least one of them gets painted :)

Once the box turns up, I'll do a review of the contents, including the datasheets and formations. If we're very organised, my girlfriend and I may play through the missions and write those up.