Well, Ork really. This is the test model for my paint scheme for the army. I used the colours Red Bull use which, once I looked at it in painting terms, it was obvious they'd gone for a simple triadic scheme based on blue, red, and yellow in that order. I know blue clothing with green skin is perhaps not the best combination, but I figure they're Orks and having three colours and (relatively) matching uniforms is already difficult enough. Since I started this model, Red Bull have added purple and white to theirs in a few places. I'm sticking with the simpler scheme for now, I may add the other two colours in later for variety or as squad markings.

I followed a handy guide to paint this model. I'm also trying to develop the habit of keeping a note of the paints I use, which has already come in handy as its taken a long time to get going on this project and there's no way I would remember if I hadn't written them down. As much for myself as anyone else, here's a list of the paints I used:

  • Eyes – Blood Red
  • Teeth – Snakebite leather then bleached bone layer on top
  • Boots – Chaos Black
  • Topknot – Blood Red
  • Skin – Snot Green
  • Clothes – Regal Blue
  • Choppa – Boltgun Metal
  • Webbing – Red Gore
  • Choppa blade – Chainmail
  • Choppa handle – Red Gore
  • Slugga case – Red Gore
  • Base – Astrogranite
  • Skin layer – Warboss Green
  • Skin highlight – Skarsnik Green
  • Blue highlight – Ultramarines Blue
  • Red highlight – Wild Rider Red
  • Boots highlight – Administratum Grey
  • Base drybush 1 – Administratum Grey
  • Base drybrush 2 – Longbeard Grey

I'm not much of a painter, but I'm quite pleased with the final result. It certainly uses the most techniques of any piece of painting I've done. Hopefully I'll look back on it in the future and be able to see myself making progress.